Your Best Choice To Host In China

When it comes to finding a hosting partner in China, LISK® is your absolute best choice.

As a leading ISP and IDC operator in China over 10 years, we are fully established to serve your needs for the China market. However, what truly set us aside, is our deep understanding of the challenges for foreign companies to work in China.

We are crafted to serve the needs to operate your infrastructures from out of China locations effectively and efficiently. Be it dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting or hybrid hosting, we have developed the most efficient and cost effective cross-border IT infrastructure for your China market.

There are bigger companies and there are cheaper companies, but if you are foreign to China, we are your best choice to work with!


GON Network Access

The cloud servers deployed in China locations often experience jitter, latency and blockage caused by the Great Firewall of China. DevOp teams located out of China suffer from low working efficiency due to the troubles accessing the servers located in China.

Our Global Optimized Network (GON) is a cloud hosting platform at its best with an integrated MPLS Network directly connecting cloud servers between all locations in and out of China. The dedicated layer 2 link between the data centers delivers minimal latency, large bandwidth and built-in redundancy. Specifically, GON extends this dedicated connection to your China data centers to overcome the Great-firewall latency.

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Beijing – Frankfurt 140ms | Guangzhou- HongKong 5ms | Shanghai- Tokyo 30ms | Shanghai – L.A.150ms

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Check Out GON Cloud Locations and Full Latency Chart.

Co-location Server Hosting

Many Dedicated Hosting Locations In China

With Many remote sites in mainland China, LISK® provides an extensive number of choices for Dedicated Server Hosting services.

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Beijing | Shanghai | Wuxi | Dongguan | Guangzhou | Wu Han | Chengdu |Changsha | Heilongjiang

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Don’t Get Caught By The Cost Of Internet

Different than many countries where collocation hosting prices are largely affected by the cost of electricity and space leasing, the cost of internet access often take up to 70% or more of the total cost of dedicated server hosting in China hosting market.

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White Glove Services

In addition to the standard ‘remote hands’ service, we provide our White Glove Service which includes equipment procurement, installation and commissioning assistance, as well as warehousing and shipping services. LISK® customers can depend on us to deliver their IT projects effectively and efficiently. Project management team located in Hong Kong and China provide 7×24 support and seamless communication for your project implementation.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

LISK® Hybrid Cloud provides both high availability and elastic capabilities. Hybrid users benefit from the security offered by dedicated servers and the elasticity of cloud servers. Less crucial information such as front-end web services and access authentication is often deployed cloud servers, while database and financial information are stored on dedicated servers providing fast expansion while maintaining core data safety. LISK®’ Layer 2 VLAN is used to provide high-speed integration between the cloud server and physical server resulting in zero service interruption

With over 10 years of experience in IDC operations, LISK® has helped numerous large enterprise users migrate their IT infrastructure from dedicated servers to our highly elastic hybrid architecture. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how LISK® can deliver the best of both worlds!