LISK® Global Cloud – Your Gateway to China

LISK® is the “Gateway to China” for today’s global business; providing comprehensive solutions to Internet connectivity problems to and inside of mainland China as well as the rest of the world.


Our Comprehensive Product Line

Hosting Services

Whatever your needs – Cloud Hosting – Dedicated or Hybrid, Co-location, or Storage – we provide industry-leading performance

Internet Resources

We are your single source for Internet connectivity in China, offering BGP networks, DIA, and our China Premium Route from data centers all over the world

Global Private Network (GPN)

With our GPN you get dedicated Layer 2 connectivity to China from anywhere in the world. Services can be activated in as little as 3 minutes

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With over 500 acceleration nodes in China, LISK’ CDN is a cost-effective supplement to our BGP networks, allowing your content to reach even the most remote customers

DevOp team often suffers low efficiency accessing the servers hosted in China from jitter, latency and blockage…
Your One Stop Shop
Wholesale Price to buy CT/CU/CM resources from us. DIA, MPLS, Dedicated Server
White Glove Support
Well established with over 18 years hosting services in China, we provide fast delivery at competitive cost and unmatchable support for your projects in China…