Co-Sourcing / Engineering Services

LISK Engineering can provide a full range of help desk, server, network and engineering support options from remote call support, remote-monitoring, on-call, spot-based, project based, outsourcing, co-sourcing, project to placement and occasionally we provide full-placement services for some of our current clients.

Available Services
Some of the available Engineering services are:

Technical Support (Operating System and System Configuration)
Application Support (Desktop software)
Business support (Services requests)
Maintenance of the network and hardware.
Hardware repair services
Systems Monitoring
Incident Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Security Administration
Security Administration
MAC Support
Proactive monitoring
After hours support coverage
Warranty and Asset management
Software License tracking/management
Hardware tracking/management
Inventory control
Purchasing/Leasing/rental analyze
Backing up and restore data plans and methods
Migrations and planning
Disaster recovery plans
Concise reporting and trending analysis
Help Desk Support
Engineering Services and Management Methodology
LISK Engineering provides these services by following a rigorous management methodology to ensure that “best practices” are followed; to optimize customer and management satisfaction, to minimize risk and ensure the highest standards of quality are met. LISK’s approach combines the best people with experience, training and certification, processes, tools and employees who like their job:

People with Experience: LISK’s Engineers have many years of experience and even our most junior engineers have 2-3 years of experience before we send them in the field to support clients. We believe our clients’ time is important and our business model is based on making sure that our engineers have the ability to quickly address the issues and make proper solutions.

Training and Certification: We believe that having a trained staff is important and we work hard to promote training so that our employees are motivated to continue doing so. We are proud of all the efforts that our employees have made and below are a few of their tremendous accomplishments.

95% of LISK’s engineers have one or more Microsoft certifications.
92% of LISK’s engineers have one or more Cisco certifications. Additional, many of our engineers also hold advanced certifications in voice and networking technologies.
100% of LISK’s engineers have some certification including many from the leading manufacturers and all LISK employees have at least one certification.
Processes: LISK combines industry best practices with our experience drawn from hundreds of projects globally. Our processes ensure the continuity and consistency of customer engagements across all elements of project delivery.

Tools: A project plan provides an overall strategy for each project. LISK’s management conducts regular progress reviews to ensure quality and resolve problems quickly.

Employee retention: Thanks to our dedication to training our employees, we have had zero turnover of junior engineers during the past eight years and no engineer in the last two years.

Many organizations strategically outsource fully or partly their internal technology functions to external service providers in order to increase the value of the function. LISK’s experienced professionals can help our clients reap the full benefits of technology outsourcing or co-sourcing through sharing of leading practices from LISK’s employees who have experience working with the largest global organization in the world use this insight gained from practical and varied experiences of our IT consulting professionals and methodologies while ensuring successful implementation of our clients IT investments

Co-Sourcing / Teaming up with LISK’s Team of Engineering Professionals
LISK has believed for many years that Co-Sourcing technology services is the best approach for our clients and most of our support contracts are based on co-sourcing agreements. LISK offers a co-sourcing approach that provides a well-balanced equilibrium. Our clients retain in-house knowledge and control, while gaining expert resources to help them complete and maintain their projects and systems. Many of our clients have found that by utilizing LISK’s Co-Sourcing model and teaming up with LISK team of engineering professionals that LISK can help them to manage the peaks and troughs that all businesses experience throughout the year. We allow the tactical, day-to-day activities to be managed, giving our clients the time to concentrate on their strategic areas. Working with LISK to adopt a Co-Sourcing strategy helps our clients gain the agility required to address their business needs, while achieving real-time cost management of their resourcing budgets.